EVO CX Fitness Sway Frame Indoor Bike

Already gone through different reviews of indoor bikes but still not getting the desired one? I am sure; you’re definitely going to love the EVO CX Fitness Sway Frame Indoor Bike like me. I’ve gone through different reviews, but I think this is a perfect one to offer you bike ride feeling due to RAMP sway frame.

Let me explain, what does it mean. The frame moves left and right along with your movement. Thus, allow you to work on core muscles, maintaining your balance. This feature is rare in other brands of spin bike.

Another attractive feature is planetary orbit gear drive which reduces maintenance like chain drive or belt drive and solves noise problem.

EVO CX Fitness Sway Frame Indoor Bike Review

This indoor bike is innovative and elegant one without any doubt. Again it has got ‘Best Buy’ award. So I don’t think you can doubt about their quality. Now it’s your turn whether to keep this mid ranged indoor bike in your choice list or not.

Soft Padded Handlebars

The EVO CX Fitness Indoor Bike has especially featured handlebar which allows four commonly used hand position. It can be adjusted vertically and horizontally for considering your comfort zone during the workout. So, you will be very comfortable in holding these handlebars for a long time. It will help you to balance your body position and put pressure on your foot properly.

The handlebar has two water bottle holders and a center platform for keeping the smartphone. Therefore, dehydration is not an issue with this spin bike. You can take proper liquids during extensive workouts.

Comfortable Seat with Adjustability

The EVO CX has a standard racing seat. You can adjust it horizontally and vertically. So users of different height can use the saddle with comfort. Doesn’t matter what is the size of a person. Anyone can use this spin bike for their daily workouts.

It’s a high-quality seat designed to fit every rider along with the hardcore cyclists. It will provide proper support to the user during regular exercise. The padding of the seat is decent enough to not causing any pain. You will love this bike.

Planetary Orbit Gears Drive

It’s one of the unique features of the EVO CX Fitness Sway Frame Indoor Bike. The bike has orb planetary gear drive. It means it doesn’t need chain or belt or external flywheel to drive the bike rather it works on planetary gear drive. It has the 3-piece crank with the aligned sun gear.

The drive system is completely enclosed. Hence, it reduces the maintenance for the removal of belt or chain and risk during the workout for being enclosed.

RAMP Sway frame

The bike has revolutionary sway frame which I should say, is a great feature, you won’t get in any other indoor bike. It ‘ll offer you a real experience of the outdoor bike riding. Hence, you can engage core muscles to get more out of the traditional workout. The ramp frame sways with the body movement. It allows 10-degree sway on either side.

Again, if you are tired of the sway, you can switch off the sway button i.e., pivot locking feature, which will turn the sway into traditional indoor cycle feel.

Proper Display Console

The EVO CX has advanced built-in computer. It readouts time, distance, RPM and heart rate via the strap. So, you can check the duration of the workout during exercise and keep up the momentum of your biking. It’s because you can see the console comfortably from biking position.

It has adjustable lighting function. So you can use it either in a light room or dark room. You can accurately track the progress. The advanced console panel is one of my favorites in this excellent spin bike.

Durable frame and pedal system

The frame is made with cantilever design which is innovative. It has gone through different dynamic testing. It can hold immense pressure and provide services after a long usage. The durable frame also increases the safety level. The EVO CX Fitness Sway Frame Indoor Bike will not cause any unwanted accident in between workouts.

The crank and pedal system accommodate both standard gym shoes and cyclic shoes. The extra durable crank allows you to dish out any amount of force.


  • It has a computer system that keeps track on various workout
  • The bike comes with excellent durability
  • It has proper cranking system that offer highest performance
  • Comes with different workout programs for the users
  • Made with proper durability
  • The spin bike’s handlebars very comfortable
  • It can carry up to 360 pounds of user’s weight
  • The smooth pedaling will provide comfort and ease
  • The LCD console is easy to operate
  • You can easily know about the details on workout


  • Some of the users said having a chest straps would be better

Final Thoughts: Does EVO CX Worth the Price

The EVO CX Fitness Indoor Bike is one of the best indoor cycles in today’s market which needs little maintenance and again offers ease of use. You will also be glad to see the performance of this exercise bike. It will improve the stamina very quickly of a user.

The bike has LCD console that provides essential information to keep track on your exercise condition during the workout. Also, the build quality and durability will keep you impressed.

This indoor bike gives value for money which you can’t expect from other indoor spin bikes within this mid- range price. The EVO CX Fitness Indoor Bike worth the price it takes.

If the budget permits, you can order this bike from Amazon site which is one of the most trusted online shops nowadays with an easy return policy if needed. So visit the site for more information and order it today.

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I am Ryan Woodle. I love working out and one of my favorite ways to exercise by riding a spin bike. And, if you look at the exercise trends you will see that more people are going to spinning classes in gyms to get cardio workouts. Since I’ve been using a spin bike to exercise with I started thinking about purchasing one of my own. I began looking for spin bike reviews so that I can find a good one. One thing I learned is that if you are thinking about purchasing a spin bike then you need to buy the one that fits your needs and fits in your overall budget. Since I have been looking for one I thought it might be helpful for me to show you what I have learned and share with you my spin bike reviews.

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