Sole SB700 Indoor Exercise Bike Reviews

Looking for the Commercial Quality spin bike, which can be used at home as well as in gym? I’ll shed light on the Sole SB700 Bike which will offer you pretty good workout as the gym.

It’s suitable for the outdoor cyclists and the people doing the workout at home. If you want to get toned by shedding extra calories and exercise your heart and lung regularly, it’ll be the best one to choose.

Sole SB700 Indoor Exercise Bike Reviews

The Company offers a lifelong warranty on frame, and free labor for 90 days and 3 years’ coverage for electronics. The mid ranged bike cost less than high priced bikes. 

Comfort Seat

The seat of Sole Fitness SB700 shows off the contour of your body to be comfortable with the sit bones. The seat isn’t that comfortable. So, it’s understandable that some users find discomfort with the seat. Few of the users find less soft seat better for an intensive workout. But most of the users want more comfort. So, if you are extra conscious about the comfort, you can use the Sunny Health (SF-B90) spin bike

So, you can add gel cover or padded bike shorts to get relief from pain. The seat is adjustable vertically and horizontally. So it provides wide adjustment facility.


A soft handlebar is needed for a comfortable hold of it. It makes work out easier. The handlebars of this best commercial health bike are thick and padded enough. Also, it can be adjusted back and forth along with up and down adjustment. So, people of different height can ride with comfort.


This is a quiet bike but you can hear a quiet shushing sound from the resistance pad on the flywheel. It’s negligible, and you can enjoy your TV or music without interruption. The loudest noise can possibly be your breathing sound during the workout.

Dirt & Dust

Most of the spin bikes on the market creates unnecessary dust under it. Also, happens with this bike. To avoid unnecessary dust and dirt you can use rubber mat under the bike. If you wipe out your bike after the use, it’ll long last and won’t decay due to your sweat.


Slip your shoe and tighten the straps for the safe and comfortable ride. The pedal moves with the flywheel. So, apply brake if you want to stop it. Otherwise, the flywheel needs to stop naturally to let stop the pedal moving.


It has blue backlit LCD console display which tracks speed, distance, RPM, the number of calories burned and time. You can easily track your performance and heart rate condition with this excellent spin bike. The setting is extra advanced like the one has in the Bladez Fitness Fusion GS II bike.

The heart rate monitor detects your heart rate from heart chest strap. You have the option to set its upper or lower limit manually. The straps are sold separately but worth the expense for improving bike ride.


The Sole SB700 Bike with 48 lbs. flywheel gives good resistance. The resistance level can be increased or decreased by a turning knob. So, you can start biking with the lower resistance system and gradually increase it with your pedaling to have more intensity.

The resistance is applied by a pad which sandwiches the flywheel. So turn the knob and challenge yourself every day to overcome the resistance. Enjoy excellent performance with this spin bike.


Due to belt drive, the bike moves smoothly and quietly. There is little maintenance for the belt drive to keep the flywheel turning. You will enjoy the smooth riding experience of the sole fitness sb700 exercise bike.

Though the chain drive offers good service and nothing to worry about wearing of the material, it can’t offer quiet and noiseless performance like the belt drive.

Assembly and Warranty

The hard part of the assembly of the spin bike is to take out the bike with the parts from the box and move it. Because the weight of the bike is 140lbs and the shipping weight is 149lbs. So it’s quite difficult to assemble alone. At least 2 people are needed. The parcel arrives in the pre-assembled condition. So install the stabilizer bar with the bolts and tools that came with the package.

The Manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on frame, 3 years on electrical parts and 1 year on labor.


  • Cycling this bike is easy
  • The is constructed strongly
  • Stable and smooth bike for exercise
  • Comfortable handlebars
  • The control panel is easy to use
  • Affordable spin bike
  • Perfect for tall people
  • Easy to understandable LCD screen


  • The seat is bit uncomfortable for some users

Final thought

The Sole Fitness SB700 is a top-notch technology bike to offer you a long warranty on frame. It’s suitable for the beginner and also for the expert. Though you may find it hard to start at the beginning, after use for 2- 3 days you’ll get the feeling of a real bicycle ride.

This bike is not that much affordable as the price is bit high. But considering the commercial quality, you can keep it in your choice list if the budget permits you. Also, the bike comes with excellent quality and efficient features. So, the user can get benefits of this awesome spin bike.

If you want to bring the outdoor experience inside the home, you can visit Amazon site for further information and order.

Ryan Woodle

I am Ryan Woodle. I love working out and one of my favorite ways to exercise by riding a spin bike. And, if you look at the exercise trends you will see that more people are going to spinning classes in gyms to get cardio workouts. Since I’ve been using a spin bike to exercise with I started thinking about purchasing one of my own. I began looking for spin bike reviews so that I can find a good one. One thing I learned is that if you are thinking about purchasing a spin bike then you need to buy the one that fits your needs and fits in your overall budget. Since I have been looking for one I thought it might be helpful for me to show you what I have learned and share with you my spin bike reviews.

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